Our story

It’s about a lifestyle

In the summer of 2015, we fired up a pellet grill for the first time.  This was by far the best BBQ experience we ever had. Such a versatile grill. It could do everything and on top of that, it was healthier than a charcoal or gas grill. Such a great product and still so much room for improvements.

We could not stop thinking about this pellet grill. This type of grill is what we need here in Europe, but not as an American Smoker, but as a modern pellet grill, that is modified to fit our needs here in Europe. That means, combining the classic way of grilling with the American “low-and-slow” style.

We have equipped the grill with additional features, adjusted it accordingly to German quality and safety regulations, and finished it off with a stylish Scandinavian Design.

Today we are offering our grills mainly in Germany but also in Austria and Sweden. In Sweden we have a strong fan base within the Swedish Medieval Armored Combat Association and the Viking community, who loves their geda grill. 

We are geda grill

We are a small company with a huge passion for pellet grills and good food.

Our goals

When we first tried a pellet grill, we were amazed by the possibilities and surprised be the unavailability here in Europe. We could only find a few brands from the US, which were in our opinion not suited for us here in Europe. So we took a good look at the American brands and tried some of them out. It was an awesome idea to use indirect fire and wood pellets for aroma and flavour, so we used these elements and started to develop our own, new Geda Grill. 

How we reach our goals

The whole Geda team, developers, sales and management are regularly grilling with a Geda Grill. We do of cause talk a lot, and often with our customers and partners to receive feedback and remarks. We always analyze this information to improve the grills even further.

The future of geda grill

We are currently working on further grill models. We are always working on improving our current models and of cause also on expanding our grill accessories and pellet flavours.

In sales, we rely on good specialist retailers and human contact in order to always provide optimal customer service and support