The Geda Story

We know how to grill

We want to combine individuality, uniqueness, sustainability, health, flexibility and pure joy in one product and shape a new lifestyle.


Why a Geda grill?

We know how to grill.

The Geda grill, a development from Bavaria, keeps the heat evenly due to its stable structure and quick heat-up. During its development, we placed a lot focus on the fact that you can cook nearly everything on geda grill and that it is easy to use and clean. Great results are ensured with little efforts. Every time.


The grill operates with Geda grill pellets. The pellets are made of renewable raw materials such as oak or apple hardwood, which gives your food a fantastic smoke flavor. The hopper lasts for approximately 8 to 20 hours, depending on the temperature setting.

Over 400 ° C

Thanks to the possibility to direct fire, you can heat the Geda cast iron plate to over 400°C and in just a few minutes, get that steakhouse quality steak.


Create your own signature dish. Make anything you want, however you want. The grill has a heat range from 85°C to 260°C. Or just make the classics: Sausages, burgers, vegetables, fish, pizza, pulled pork, ribs, brisket and much more.

Healthier grilling

The Geda pellet grill is equipped with a full-surface fat drainage plate, which creates even heat inside the grill and prevents dripping fat or marinade from igniting and causing flame pillars, burning your food.

Practical and easy to clean

The multi-part grill grates are particularly easy to clean and will fit in almost any dishwasher. The grill is also equipped with a foldable front table. Makes your grilling convenient with extra storage space. Two large wheels and adjustable feet will ensure easy handling and improved stability.


The solid overall construction, the heavy grill lid and the 7mm thick grill grates made of enameled steel assures the high quality and long-durability of the geda grill.