• The hopper is big enough for 10 kg pellets.

"Odin" 65

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The Geda pellet grill was developed for the griller and offers you healthy grilling with sustainable fuel, simple operation, and a very special taste experience.

With the Geda grill, you can simply do everything, grill, BBQ, long jobs, smoke, bake, and sear. The possibilities are endless!


Healthy grilling through indirect fire. Our drip-tray makes sure that grease from the food will not drip down into the fire and cause a fire pillar and that the heat gets distributed evenly throughout the grill.


With a grill grate width of 60 cm, the cooking area is large enough to cook for the whole family with guests. The grill fits perfectly on any veranda or in any garden.


Data sheet

Main Grill Area
60 x 50 cm - Two Pieces
Warming Area
90 x 20 cm
Grill Grates
ø 7,5 mm, Porcelain Coated Steel
Total Grill Area
4200 cm²
Size (L x W x H)
110 x 80 x 115 cm
66 kg
Electrical Output
230V / 40W (+190W at ignition)
Power Cable
CEE 7/4, with 2,5 m Cable
Hopper Size
10 kg Pellets
Maximum Grill Temperature
Meat Probe Sockets
Temperature Settings
Carton Size
110 x 55 x 66 cm
Weight Including Carton
72 kg
Hopper Clean Out
Geda Digital-Controller
Burner Output
5.9 kW
Fueled by
Geda Grill Hardwood Pellets
Grill Lid
Steel with Sealingband
Plastic Wheels ø 20 cm
Standing Legs
Height Adjustable Machine Feet


User's Manual Odin 65 EN

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