BBQ Pellets Oak

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Oak pellets are ideal for Beef, Seafood, and Baking

Oakwood is the most preferred wood source for food smoking and grilling. It has a nice smoke flavor which also mixes great with other fruit tree wood flavors.

Oakwood remains the most versatile of all smoking woods available. It is practically suitable for everything which makes it the King of all smoking woods.

Our grill pellets are free of binders, bark, additives and contain no fillers.

Technical Details:

Diameter mm 6
Length mm ≤ 5x D
Bulk Density kg/m³ ≥ 600
Net Calorific Value MJ/kg ≥ 16,5
Moisture w-% ≤ 10
Mechanical Durability w-% ≥ 97,7


Data sheet

10 kg