BBQ Pellets Apple

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Apples pellets are ideal for Poultry, Pork, Vegetables, and Baking

Natural apple wood pellets are easy to use. If you want to enrich your grilled vegetables, ribs, fish or whatever you have chosen, with the unforgettable distinctive fruit flavor, our applewood pellets are the right choice.

We offer 100% pure Organic pellets, which contain no additives or chemical compounds, no artificial flavors, no spray scents or glues. Therefore, produce a pure healthy fruity smoke flavor.

Technical Details:

Diameter mm 6
Length mm ≤ 5x D
Bulk Density kg/m³ ≥ 600
Net Calorific Value MJ/kg ≥ 16,5
Moisture w-% ≤ 10
Mechanical Durability w-% ≥ 97,7


Data sheet

10 kg